Anti-sleep Alarm

NEW ENTRANT INTO OUR PSYCHOLOGY LABORATORY: ANTI-SLEEP ALARM :Everyone knows about the alarms that abruptly wake us from our slumber each morning, but have you heard of alarms that can keep us awake while we are driving? Anti sleep alarms do more than simply startle and annoy drivers – they can save them from serious accidents or worse by alerting them if they start to nod off behind the wheel. Our newly acquired psychology equipment fits over the driver’s ear and sounds an alert when the driver starts to fall asleep. While the in-car alarm systems are a recently developed feature that can add second-hand value to your car when you want to sell it, the over- the-ear alarm is both cheap and readily available. Other names are No Nap, Doze Alert or Nap Zapper! The anti –sleep alarm is sold for N50, 000.00