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Authors should make every effort to remain in e-mail contact with the editor at all times and to give the editor alternative e-mail addresses when necessary.  At certain stages of the editorial process authors and editors need to be in daily contact:
The e-mail system is the most effective way of doing so
The Scope of the Journal
The journal publishes analysis, findings and recommendations relating to gender and behaviour, including theoretical, empirical and descriptive works and relevant scholarly discussions of ethics.

  • The reviewers and editors welcome articles that display the following characteristic:
  • The content is technically competent and professional in format;
  • It displays originality and is presented logically;
  • Mathematical and statistical material, where used, is complete, well-organized and interpreted for the non-specialist;
  • The writing style is clear and unpretentious
  • The illustrative review is adequate and the bibliography reflects up-to-date research;
  • The theoretical underpinnings are up-to-date and are well integrated with the discussion and argument;
  • The methodological approach is appropriate and clear.
  • The article contributes significantly to current thinking or the development of the subject

The editors are more than prepared to work with scholars to achieve their goals and many of our reviewers are most generous in helping to provide detailed and constructive advice on the first draft.


Content: GENDER & BEHAVIOUR   welcomes scholarly manuscripts from authors all over the world on a wide array of subjects concerning psychological and behavioural aspects of gender in general. All manuscripts MUST respect the dignity of HUMANITY.
Articles published or submitted for publication elsewhere are not accepted.  Authors are solely and fully responsible for the statements and views contained in their articles.  Neither the Editorial board nor the Ife Center for Psychological Studies/Services accepts responsibility for author’s views and statements
Book Review: Two copies of the book/manuscript to be reviewed are to be submitted to the Project Coordinator. Gender and Behaviour Ife Centre for Psychological Studies and Service.  P.O. Box 1548 Ile-Ife.  Osun State, Nigeria.  Or through or
Manuscript Preparation: Prepare manuscripts according to the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (4th Edition, 1994; APA 750 First Street, NE, Washington, 20002-4242).  Follow “Guidelines to reduce Bias in Language (pp. 46-60)
Limit manuscripts to 25 pages of text, including references.  On page 1, type article title, author name(s), affiliation(s) address phone and fax numbers, e-mail address (es) running head (abbreviated title, no more than 45 characters and spaces) name and address of the person to whom requests for reprints should be address; on page 2, type an abstract of no more than 150 words; type author notes/acknowledgements at the end of the article (just before references section).  All copies must be double – spaced: The author name(s) should appear only on the title sheet.
Permissions: Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work and for obtaining permission from copyright owners to reprint or adapt a table or figure or to reprint a quotation of 500 words or more.  Authors should write to original author(s) and publisher to request nonexclusive world rights in all languages to use the material in the article and in future editions.
Cover letter: I on a cover letter, include the contact author’s address and telephone and fax numbers and state that the manuscript includes only original materials test has not been published and that in not under review for publication elsewhere.
Manuscript and Disk submission: Submit two (2) manuscript copies to: Project Coordinator, Gender and Behaviour, Ife Centre for Psychological Studies/Service, P.O. Box 1548 Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.  

Send by Emails::;
Please make sure that the content of the files exactly matches that of the printed, accepted, finalized manuscripts (provide revised printout).  Submit camera ready figures.
Assumption: It in assumed that the copyrights of papers submitted and accepted are transferred to Ife Center for Psychological Studies/Services.
Production Notes: Files of accepted manuscripts are copyedited and typeset into page proofs.  Author will receive a copy of the issue in which his/her article appears.  Production costs will be shared with authors.
Submission of articles through our electronics mail addresses (most preferred)