Forensic Psychology equipments

If you care about some Forensic Psychology equipments we have:
Surveillance /Tracking Devices:

  1. Pen 1; Properties, 4gigabytes , video, audio, gives date and time of recording and captures a reasonable distance -  N 50,000:00
  2. Pen 2; Properties,2gigabytes audio,Mp3,Fm,Flash drive        N 40,000:00
  3. Sunglass- Properties, 2gigabytes,audio video, gives date and time of record and captures for a very reasonable distance  -   N 35,000:00
  4. Wrist Watch that is a camera and records voice         N 50,000:00

We shall supply all within a week of order.
Thank you.
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Efe D Whowha (0802 386 1914)/ Uche Omanma C. (0806 339 0886)
Ife Psychologia.